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Terms & Conditions


Hawkins Battery is a family run holiday park in a unique location offering friendly, relaxed and reasonably priced accommodation for seasonal residents and visitors, Hawkins have certain rules that make our holiday park what it is, and we would be greatful if you respect these at all times. 


Respect others

Please respect the privacy of our sesonal residents.




Hawkins Battery is perfect for children because it is enclosed and traffic-free. However, by the very nature of staying in this historic location there are some dangers to watch out for amoung the defence-style architecture. Children will turn all of the rough and tumble elements of Hawkins into part of their holiday adventure, but we ask parents and carers to be aware of the risks and supervise their children in a responsible way.



Hawkins Battery is a dog-friendly holiday park where all dogs must be kept on a leash whilst inside the Battery grounds, and where "accidents" must be cleaned up immediately and placed inside the "doggy bin" provided in the car park. We have a policy of a maximum of two dogs per booking, and dogs are not allowed on the beds or furniture, and must not be left unattended at any time.



No large male or female groups are welcome at Hawkins Battery, sorry but we want to maintain the peace and tranquility and keep our family-friendly ethos.



The peace and tranquility of Hawkins Battery is our major selling point, and while we love the sound of playing children and excited dogs, we do not tolerate unacceptable noise levels from adults, children or dogs. Noise must be kept to a minimum between and So may we respectfully remind you that if you are looking for lively night life or enjoy late-night drinking games, then Hawkins Battery is definitly not for you!



Excluding the camping plot cars are not allowed within Hawkins Battery itself except for loading and unloading. At all other times, cars must be parked in the car park, in the numbered spaces allocated. Please also note that Hawkins battery is located in the countryside with narrow, winding lanes with no pavements or streetlights, please drive with care at all times.




We do not allow open fires within Hawkins Battery due to fire regulations



Hawkins Battery is over 100 years old, including the toilet and shower block so these are not state of the art facilities, but are clean and fully serviceable.

We offer recycling facilities in the car park, we encourage all our guests, seasonal residents and campers to make use of them.



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